Sunday, 2 May 2010

Primary, Secondary and College Art

Lmao! "The swim minge xpreso" Honestly how did my teachers keep a straight face. I must of been 6/7 when i drew this :P

Aww how nice. A class portrait. A little more comforting than the previous image i must say.

Peace... Hmmm not something i gave to many people at that age... or now for that matter :)

I dont know who this is or why i drew it but i really hope he didnt look anything like this.
And if he didnt... im sorry :(

This is more like it. The Romans! Where would we be without them? Actually... didnt they invade us?

Awww this must of been the age where every human being stops to think about thier sexuality. I think the wasp shows clear signs. At least i think its a wasp :s

No comment

Twisted and slightly spooky. I cant help but realise the eyes have been cut out and stuck back on :O

Y7 Holgate school. Despite the fact that my mam did help me with this i did put alot of effort into this one. Tbh id hit me too!

Ahhh my cousin dearest jack as a wee nipper. I remember getting really angry trying to draw this one after about 90 attempts. No bad on you jack.

HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! Chub Rider :)

Hmmmm im sure i was going through a warhammer 40,000 fad at this stage in life. Lol!

Tools of time............................................

Is this a Roger Dean scam i see. Yes it is and too right if i might say so myself. I have no shame.

I originally designed these next four images for the lead character of a comic book called underworld or something.

Design 2

Design 3... Creepy :|

Design 4 Lol!

Was i really such a morbid child :(

Bit a culture fo thi lark tha knows.

Menacing...Seems chicken pox had its way with me.

I really could hit that little annoying face of mine.

I cant remember what the hell this piece is supposed to mean. Hand, Money, Skate boarder? What was wrong with me.

Ok this ones not nice. This was actually a re-occuring dream i kept having... obviously lol. I had it that many times i ended up drawing it for my final gcse piece. Got a B so it was worth all the upset ;)

God only knows :|

Looking back at this years down the line, im actually really chuffed with this. I hope my horn makes a good tune when i blow it. My heads swollen that big i cant hear it.

Mood... something i definatly had when i drew this haha!

Um... colour n stuff y know :s

Ok... What? By this time someone really should of taken the paper away from me.

Pretty patterns

Pretty patterns...

Sometimes i think the earth might be better off this way :)

1st and chosen design for a 7ft sculpture i created from steel using special metal cutting devices and an impressive welding kit. THE BLOODY THING GOT STOLEN AFTER I MADE IT IN COLLEGE :(

Secongs design for sculpture. DID I MENTION IT GOT STOLEN!!!!! GRRRRRRRRRRR. TOOK ME 12 WEEKS TO MAKE :(

Dont get me started :(


Check this bad boy out. Barnsley cyber goth at its finest :D I cant diss, i probly was one at the time.

This was to do with some crazy idea i had as a kid about one giant organisme with holes all over it that whistled happy tunes whilst rolling over innocent victimised towns... Yea exactly.

HAIRY TOM BOY JONES! HAHA! And yes he does have a wheel on a stick and ashotgun for a you know what. Deal with it, my mother had to :)


  1. you are a very good artist! especially in primary school;) xxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Thank you baby :) Its made me feel miles better doing something like this. I enjoy it even if it is silly to other people... well actually it is silly haha! :) xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. The swim minge xpresso hahahahahahah!!!!!!! :D xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. acid is all that comes to mind here =P